FREE 3 Hour Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Certification Course (100+ Videos!) 😱

I'm Andrew Brown, I create free study courses, so everyone get into the cloud.

This time I am bringing you a Study Course designed to help you pass the AZ-900. The AZ-900 is the entry level certification to Microsoft Azure.

All Videos are part of a Video Youtube Playlist

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⭐Course Content ⭐

☁️ Introduction

☁️ Cloud Concepts

☁️ Evolution of Compute

☁️ Global Infrastructure

☁️ Getting Started Follow Along

☁️ Technology Overview

☁️ Azure Management Tools

☁️ Follow Alongs

☁️ Security

☁️ Billing and Pricing

☁️ Summary

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Harshil Rami's photo

Thanks for sharing it sir!!! it would be great for the beginners like me.